In 1989 the Berlin Wall was torn down, Czechoslovakia was split into two countries and the theatres were graced by When Harry Met Sally. Also, Matt Fahlman was born.

Matt was born a short distance from where he would grow up; in Tsawwassen. Tsawwassen was home to a Baskin Robbins, a terrible smell when the ocean tide went out and the backdrop for the famous shopping scene in the original Jumanji.


Fahl Designs was founded on many principles. Matt wanted to brand companies in a small town that he feels has made huge progression in business, entertainment and housing; but sadly has lagged behind in branding and look of those businesses.

Matt has been designing since 2013 and originally got his start in Sports Design. Designing infographics, custom team wallpapers and sports promotional graphics were a bulk of the early work. The creation of game day graphics, social media advertisement and uniform design for a local club names South Delta FC helped him develop his knack for styles and pinpointing the right audience.

Matt used to design the front covers of his textbooks in grade school with Logos and brands. That's not where the love for branding started though. In high school, he used to make lists of his top tens things and a bunch of those were centred around companies logos.

Since creating Fahl Designs, Matt has been responsible for the following:

  • Branding Corporate Companies

  • Designing Marketing Graphics for Sales

  • Creating and Maintaining Web Sites from the ground up

  • Designing graphics and logos for companies apparel items and accessories

  • Designing Posters, Rollouts, Banners and Window Graphics for Company Promotion

  • Creating Business Card Designs and Print Material

Some of the companies Fahl Designs has had the pleasure of working with:

Sheridan Bay Construction, All Things Being Eco, Junobug Doula Support, Prime Property Maintenance,

Stoked eBike Rentals, Nest + Hive Wellness, NDC Fence & Deck, Loney Construction,

South Delta Combat ClubPenfolds's Cafe & Bakery, Red Maple Press, The Duchess Candles, Mint + Co.,

X-Treme Clothing BoutiqueDC Tree Services, Island Goat Ranch, GLO Sun Studio, Seven Seas Trading Inc.,

Hutton Excavation, StrikeTres Poker, RestCon Restoration & Construction, ShaGloMa Soapworks


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