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Google Listings

One of the most important things I tell clients has one of the most influential impacts on revenue; and guess what? It’s free. Getting listed on Google does not involve some fancy procedure of even for you to open up your wallet. If you have ever created a social media account, you’ll find the creation of a google listing to be quite simple. One of the keys to making sure your website is linked to google is actually have a listing that pairs with it. Having your site listed with google has more to do than just your Name, Address and Phone Number (aka NAP).

Having a google listing can give google searchers and everyday people access to your business hours, a direct link to emailing you and of course the ability to phone you instantly. It goes without saying that the last point there can have a huge direct impact to your sales/work.

A side note, if you already have a google listing it’s best that you monitor it too. Did you know the public can make edits to your business listing and if you don’t go in and approve or deny the changes, some of them can go public for the world to see.

This gets to another key point in this topic, reviews. Reviews are a good thing for your clients to fill out to help your business. Not only do 5 Star reviews help your crediability but they can push your google listing to the front page on the search engine. It’s even more important to have an active listing with recent positive reviews if you’re in an industry that is loaded with other companies and if/or your a small town with a niche market.

If you want information don’t hesitate to send me an email. I can point you in the right direction and give you some examples of some companies I’ve worked with that have taken advantage of google listings to the best of their abilities.

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