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Matt Fahlman
Graphic Designer & Marketing Professional

I have solutions when it comes to your design needs, which is why Fahl Designs has been going strong for over seven years. I have spent the last decade evolving in the Graphic Design and Marketing Industry, to the point where my work has guided me to 7 Platinum Community Awards as well as a "Top Designer in Vancouver" award. I've done Freelance, worked for apparel companies and managed hundreds of company websites for business on various scales. I live to dive into businesses stories and adapt a brand that will turn profit from the get-go. While I offer many professional services, I have honed my skills in Branding, Social Media, Packaging, Events, Print & Digital Design, as well as client-friendly Websites. 

YOU'LL NEED MY SERVICES IF: You want to put your company and/or products in front of the right clients, that will turn a profit. So many times I have heard business professionals say they are "stuck". I'm here to provide solutions that fit your company's needs.

My Story

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. Fahl Designs became a company in 2017, but I had been designing for years for various companies beforehand. I got my start designing apparel for a couple companies and have since expanded. After a successful 8 years managing a restaurant in which I was in charge of shift managing, payroll, customer service as well as front/back of house staff, I finished my schooling and started my own company. Since then I have won 7 Platinum Awards for Graphic Design and have been a finalist for the Small Business BC Awards.

Recently I was honoured to be voted one of Clutch's Top Logo Designers and Graphic Design Companies in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Small Business BC Logo


I'm always looking for new and exciting projects.

Let's connect today!

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