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Beer Branding

I love Beer Branding. I'm not a huge beer drinker at all, in fact I only drink non-alcoholic beer nowadays (if you want recommendations I got some). Anyways, beer branding is so well respected in my industry that people with totally unrelated business services want "Beer Styled" logos. I recently completed a job for an Excavation company in our residing town and let me just say, Jeff had a vision and he wanted that vision to come to life.

Beer branding isn't complex, but it does have a lot of symmetry and that is why it is easily recognizable anywhere you go. You see beer branding and its influence on other industries is huge right now. Juice companies are using badges and icon marks as their primary logos now and big companies have even rebranded to fit this model. Recently Sun-Rype rebranded to a badge/typography styled logo and it looks great!

I love Beer Branding and have been fortunate enough to do rebrands for some Breweries and I continue to dabble is this area as I constantly refer back to a Beer Branding book I purchased.

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