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Beware of Wordpress

You're wanting to create a website and you've been told to use Wordpress. Now what I'm about to say is not to be taken harshly, but maybe remove that friend from your contacts who recommended Wordpress. Take it from professionals (including more and more ads); Wordpress is not user friendly and things become out of date very very quickly on their platform.

Many E-Commerce websites have shifted from Wordpress to other platforms because Wordpress becomes a thing of the past very quickly after registering. Also, if you have a landing page and/or full fledged website then Wordpress will not be very efficient for you on the go.

Small businesses needs to think simple, not to think of the "professional" choice. I have recently shifted several companies away from Wordpress because they found it too be too complex for what they offer as services. Not to mention the amount of homework you must know and research in time to be able to get your site set up perfectly. Their customer service isn't terrible, but the responses you get are few and far between. Let's be honest, far between can mean loss of sales. Stick to the basics and approach me if you want a recommendation.

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