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Often I am able to deduce whether a company has had a professional designer brand their company, or if they used a platform like Canva. There are many issues with Canva in relation to your small business and how you start out.

First off, Canva logos are so popular now that many companies actually have the exact same elements in their logos. You will no longer be unique and in fact you blend into a group of companies that you don't necessarily want to be grouped in with. Many small market and Etsy based companies consist of logos from Canva, and although you got a bargain for your logo; you will eventually feel the effects in your sales.

There are many cases where companies get their Canva logo and they end up doing well, but those are few and far between. The reason for this is because when you pay for a Logo or you get it for free, you get what you pay for. So when a potential customer sees your Logo and it's made on one of these platforms, it actually can turn them away. It takes less than a second for a person to make their first impression about a company and what they do. If you make that impression with a cheap Logo, it will effect your sales.

Now it's not surprising to see a Graphic Designer write a blog post about programs that take away from his revenue, but here I am. The reason for it is because I value small businesses success and because I am not some big city CEO, I tend to get a bit confused over why small businesses go the cheap route. I can guarantee you that my rates won't break your bank and won't shoot down your initial startup excitement. I'm a real person and not some algorithm that formulates shapes and colours, when you talk to me I will listen. Canva will not listen to your every demand.

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