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Colours are amazing! They also can be quite frustrating for some companies and designers. Your relationship with colours could be difficult because guess what? Colours themselves mean a whole hell of a lot when it comes to the ultimate eye catching brand.

You see, colours invoke emotion and emotion is what tugs at those creative heart strings of potential clients. The feeling of security and great reputation attached to blue can have a lasting impact on a companies reputation. Take American Express as the best example. A credit card company using blue (which primarily gives average the human a feeling of Trust). It would flip the entire outlook if American Express has chosen Purple which can be a bit of a wild card. If you're wondering why Mastercard then chose an Orangey-Yellow with Red, look no further than to the fact Yellow primarily gives a sense of Optimism and Transparency.

Flip yourself over to the aforementioned colour, Purple. Purple is used by many companies for it's imaginative emotion and the fact that the sky is the limit. A company where that works is Yahoo! The reason why is because Yahoo! doesn't want to settle and while AOL was trying to link people together, Yahoo! was trying to think endless on their possibilities by giving people information to success such as Stocks, Fantasy Sports, News and Financial Sectors.

It's pretty self explanatory that White is a feeling of calmness and very neutral based, as the colour itself is neutral. It doesn't stop companies from remaining bold and attractive to the eye, but you aren't at war in your head over whether or not the company will come through for you. In this case it's best to look at Apple or Wikipedia which are both relied on heavily on a day-to-day basis by the average computer user.

Green is another colour that speaks very true to itself in Logo design but also the general idea behind it. Green means growth and growth is huge when you are a new company and hopefully still means a lot when you make it big. Not to mention green reminds us of "caring for the future" as often ad campaigns are placed into the "Go Green" landscape and they use that to sell you on the idea that it's for a positive future.

Red is kind of a "this or that" colour in Logo development. The reason being is because in some aspects Red can be considered bold like CNN or Exxon Oil company, but in other cases you could make the argument that it is exciting and thought provoking like Netflix, Youtube or even Nintendo. Red is universally one of the most popular colours used in Brand Identity and to this day many companies choose red because the human eye thinks of "spending" when things are red (just ask Target or Lego).

The last colour I want to talk about is Orange, because Orange in my own opinion is quite the odd ball. With orange it is cheerful and sometimes I refer to it as the goofy colour because it is one of the hardest colours to pair with any of the other primary colours. Companies like Nickelodeon and Orange Crush back my claims up as both their Logos are somewhat wild. That being said, Orange can help a company appear affordable and that's probably what Payless Shoes was going for.

So what exactly does this colour mean for your established brand or your new company? Well the first thing we look at is what your core values are as a company and what sort of feeling you want your target audience to experience when they see your Logo for the first time. When I first saw the IKEA Logo I thought to myself "That looks simple and rather plain" but if you own even one piece of IKEA furniture you know that it is simple (except if they don't send you the right amount of screws).

Colour is our friend but can sometimes be tricky, which is why we want to get it right!

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