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Hidden Figures: The Power of Negative Space

Have you ever wondered why certain Logos feature some odd symbols or if there is more to any companies Logo than just the words? I'm here to tell you that many company logos features symbols and elements that may look out of place to the naked eye, but when you stare at them a little longer; you will discover there is more to the story than you thoughts.

We all know the biggest one out there is FedEx which features an arrow in between the "E" and the "x". It's FedEx's way of telling you they are a shipping company and that your package is going to get there fast (whether the second point is true or not depends on the week). However, what are some of the other ones out there?

Tostitos has a really cool stylized Logo with the name of their brand set up. If you look at the second "t" and the "I" next to it you start to see what's happening as the third "t" is also in on the act. All three letters form what looks like two people dipping a chip in a bowl of salsa. The branding is smart and very creative but also speaks to what you do when you partake in a Tostitos meal.

Another great example is the Tour de France Logo. Your can see that the "R" in Tour is a hunched over biker using the wheel (the yellow circle) and the "o" to get some speed. You could also say that the "u" is the bike seat for the biker. It's brilliant and subtle but also you pause and take a second to make sure you know what you're seeing completely.

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