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Influences: Part I - Aaron James Draplin

So if you ask a graphic designer in the world today who their favourite graphic designer is alive today, this will be one of the most popular answers; Aaron James Draplin.

DDC (Draplin Design Company) has paved the way for many designers, including myself. His simplistic approach and knack for finding beauty in the small stuff is why he is so good. Aaron's attention to detail, sense of humour and strong family values are just a few other qualities that make him so likeable. If you have ever been down to his shop in Portland, you are very lucky. The gadgets the guy has collected over the years has impressed me beyond measure. In fact one of the things Mr. Draplin inspired me to do personally is collect things I like the looks of. Seems obvious to do, but at times we just think "Oh more junk I'll throw out in 2 months". I collect bottle caps, patches, drink coasters, branded stickers and various other useless crap that I find interesting (much to those around my circle).

Useless crap is the opposite of what you would relate to Aaron's designs though. His simple but yet effective designing techniques come from a line of thinking that Paul Rand also had. "You're doing so much by doing so little". I have stylized many logos based on the same principles of design that DDC has done and it's helped me big time in gaining a following and clients. Aaron's big clients actually have products everywhere and anytime I see a Field Notes book in a stationary or office supply store I immediately think of him. If you haven't already you should check out his book "Pretty Much Everything", as it details and profiles some of the most interesting designs he's done. Not to mention the book is filled with tons of laughs, stories about Gary his past doggo and many other cool facts about such a talented human being (not to mention his amazing parents).

So I'd like to give a huge nod to Aaron James Draplin who has helped this young designer be inspired, raise my level of design and create less room at my house with all the stuff I've collected.

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