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MiLB (Minor League Baseball) Logos

One of the draws I had to this career was the fact that I get to design Logos for so many different industries and professions. I've had my hand in Logos for Construction companies, beauty lines, porridge in Kenya and so much more. There is one industry though, that I entered this journey for. That's the sports logos of the world! I'm fortunate to find many sports enjoyable (some don't and that is 100% okay). One of those sports is Baseball; a sport I still actively play to this day.

If you have ever ventured to an MLB stadium you'll recognize the brands all over the place, but most professional baseball teams have got their branding done pat. If you look further in Baseball you'll find this cozy little creative niche that happens to hold some of the best Logos that God's green earth has; the MiLB world (Minor League Baseball).

Let's start with the names of these teams which range from funny to dorky and all the way to parody level. Teams like the Montgomery Biscuits, Rocket City Trash Pandas and of course the Richmond Flying Squirrels. Yes, those were actual names of Minor League Baseball teams. Not only are they the names and brands of those teams, the entire league is proud of their oddities.

Now onto their Logos, which are something to behold. You may be at this stage of this blog article where you say "How in the blue hell do you make a Logo for a franchise called the Montgomery Biscuits?". Well you just do it and you make it looks good and don't turn back. Some of my personal favourites are the Eugene Emeralds, Hillsboro Hops and the local squad the Vancouver Canadians. The right branding in any industry or business can set you apart. Baseball seems to understand that being unique and different only fuels more exposure to a bigger audience. Below are some of the best examples:

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