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Simplicity in Modern Logo Creation

It is no secret that companies are turning to a simplistic look for their Logos. Whether that is through a Rebrand or their company is just getting the wheels off the ground. The value in simplicity is being seen by more and more people everyday, because why waste peoples time?

Through the 1990's many companies had wacky, wild and "out there" designs because the style was to differentiate yourself from others. Why be boring and status quo when you can leave a lasting impression on the potential clients of your business. The issue with that over time is that the more there was to look at, the more there was to distract you from the real goal of a Logo; making your brand leave a lasting impression.

Over time we found out that the average person takes .6 seconds to make up their mind on what your company does, offers and can provide for them. Which means in that six tenths of a second, you have to be pretty damn sure you can hook a client with your branding mark. That's why you see Nike everywhere, because the swoosh is universally known to be a mark on the clothing industry. Why is does Dominoes Pizza just have a two-coloured Domino as their Logo? Because in that .6 seconds of time, you already know what it means. Apple's first logo and their current logo are miles apart from each other. That is why the current Apple logo is so well known, because you just get it right away.

Is your current Logo too busy? Could it be turning people away from your business? There is only one way to find out and that is to get a Brand assessment. Fahl Designs can provide a Brand assessment and provide you with steps you need to take in order to have a positive experience with your branding in the future. The future is simple, it doesn't have to be filled with needless logo elements.

Simplistic Logo Examples

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