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"They cost less than you"

These five words are repeated to me every month by a potential client. Some see through it and listen to what I follow up with and some don't. They aren't words that bother me in any way, but they are dangerous. However, you'd be surprised who they are dangerous to.

Look, if you have been shopping around other graphic designers for quotes and everyone you go to has given you a different price; that's to be expected. If another designer gives you a quote much cheaper than my quote, that's also to be expected from time to time. Are you confident that cheaper price comes with the same quality though? Don't sacrifice quality for more money in your pocket. The reason I say that is because in this business if you settle for the cheaper price, in the end it will cost you more.

It either shows up in direct form (i.e. having to rebrand in a month or years time) or it shows up in smaller more impactful ways (like your ongoing revenue). Branding is a tricky business because if done wrong, your business could flop. If done correctly you will reach the audience you want and find your gold mine. So if you come to me with a "they cost less than you" comment, expect a nice gentle reminder about quality vs. cost effectiveness. I want you to save money, I also want you to gain the best quality product to help you succeed; however sometimes those two things are not achieved together.

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