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Recently I shared a design with a client that was based on inspiration I had seen elsewhere; which actually happens a lot. It featured Typography work that I replicated in my own way. The funny thing about Typography is that it has really grown in the past five years for marketing. It tells a story, it's aesthetically pleasing and it actually tells clients the keywords related to your central theme. I don't recommend it for everything as it's not something that can be translated in many forms.

For example, I would never use it in an advertisement for a company promoted one or two products. If your goal is to attract customers to one or two central items, typography will not do that. You're better off promoting those products with flair and direct marketing.

Typography is an older form of design as well, not something just introduced to the business world. Movie posters have used it for years. One of my favourite things related to Typography is shaped work such as state borders or shapes of animals.

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