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Website Advantages

One of the major components of building your online presence is a Website. Say you are at the point where your company has a page or listing on most social media platforms, but your growth has now levelled off. That's where your website can take you to a new level of traffic. I see many companies rely heavily on their social media for sales, which is great; until a point where that is just views and not sales.

Website traffic is a whole different ballgame, but one that has more rewards to it for your bottom line. You don't have to know about SEO's or SERP to have a website, you don't even have to know where or what keywords are used for in order to have a designer create a website for you. An example would be that you don't have to know the proper pipes to put into the plumbing in your home, to know that it's something you should have a professional come and complete.

I can tell you first hand as the website you are viewing this from rose in traffic as soon as I invested in it without hosting and proper SEO attachment. The numbers are hard to really understand at first but the amount of clients that come in from having your own website speaks volumes on the impact a proper website can have on your company. I saw a 230% growth in the first two months of having my website live and published.

If you're on the edge about creating a website let me just share that a website is one of the smartest investments you can have. It works better than social media (depending on the industry) and it works better for pulling in clients than LinkedIn does. When you go to do it though please use someone who knows what they are doing. Often people who come to me have had their teenager do their website and unfortunately the experience and longevity isn't there to understand the analytics of website traffic, reach and pull; the positive is you may not have paid much.


Even if it is just a landing page that you want so people can reach you, a website is the way to go. Simple but effective is the ticket and I can help you in that department. Now is the time to start your 2022 chapter with an online presence.


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