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Rebrands Gone Bad!

Oh no! That's what I say when I see a rebrand that just doesn't hit the mark. This year Nokia decided to switch their Brand up. They maybe should've held onto the old one longer because this new one misses the mark. The problem is that the new one is over-simplified and thus the brand recognition is gone. Remember when KIA decided to rebrand and people immediately thought it was a brand now called "KN"? Well Nokia decided not to learn from their shortened named friends at KIA. Why cut out many of the elements of your current name? Nokia now looks like "AO<IA". Next!

Brand new Nokia Logo

Next up we have Android which for some reason was afraid of their former branding and went all in on the new 3D aspect of a Brand. Why? We are not quite sure but for some reason it's not a fully usable brand everywhere. I wouldn't use this 3D brand in all aspects of advertisement, promotion or marketing. You'll see what I mean below. I get they are trying to brace for the future and they are in the technology world, but come on now.

Brand new Android Logo

Stay tuned for the next time some company decided to rebrand when they don't need to. I'm a designer, I should want them to so one of us designers can get paid. But that's not the case, I want companies to rebrand when they need to and for the right reasons.

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