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Logo vs Branding Design

Many people are confused as often times us Graphic Designers talk about these two words in different context. I think the belief is that your Logo is your brand. I'm here to debunk that belief and hopefully she's on some light on the difference.

What is a Logo Design?

Well simply put it it is the construct of making a Logo for your company. Simple right? It is. I assure you no tricks to this wording. Whether that Logo is done in different styles, different shapes or what not, it is still the action that gets this name. I have designed hundreds of Logos and the definition on this will never change.

What is Brand Design?

This is where things get interesting. A Logo Design can be one of the components in Brand Design. There are many other components and you have probably heard of a bulk of them. Typography, Colour Swatch, Mood Board, Brand Guidelines, Brand Feel, etc. these are all areas of your brand that make you identifiable outside of just your Logo. An example is that when people think of companies that are Blue and Yellow, without seeing a Logo they may point right to IKEA. Also the simplicity and easy access that IKEA has with their furniture is also part of their brand.

The best way to describe the difference is that a Logo is what you can put on the front facade of your building. The Brand is what you put everywhere. Your work environment, your style of management, the lingo you use in marketing campaigns; that's all part of your brand. When we design Logos we fit them to the brand. When we design Brands, we fit them to the company atmosphere, history and goals for the future.


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