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When Does a Company Need to Rebrand?

Rebranding your business can seem like a very long and expensive process; but it doesn't have to be either. Rebranding when going back to the company you used initially isn't an insult to the designer. It's a sign that you are growing and have a different cliental you are trying to appeal to. Or you may just decide that the change should come to reflect what you currently do.

I have rebranded dozens of companies that I originally branded. It's not that the original branding lost its touch, but more often than not its because they wanted to reflect a change in their company moving forward. So at what point do you even discuss the possibility of rebranding your company? Let's get to it.

  1. The first tell tale sign you need to rebrand is if you think you have hit a level ground in sales/revenue. Not necessarily hit your peak (as some may say) but to a point where you aren't seeing progress and have expended all routes to advance. An example would be a woodworking company that is no longer working out of a garage and has now got a commercial shop and needs an extra buzz!

  2. When your current branding doesn't reflect a portion of what it does anymore. Say you are a Photographer and you recently decided you would focus solely on Wedding photography. That would be a time to either make slight adjustments to your current branding, or to change your branding altogether.

  3. You have recently come into the company who used to be owned by someone else. You are looking for your company branding to match who you are or your mission statement has changed. This is more of a reflection of who is at the top and less about what sort of service or product you sell. Think of it as a personally decision more so than a business move/choice.

  4. Your current branding looks like it was made on the family Dell company back in 1996. Okay this one seems specific and direct and I'm only really stating it based on personal experience. However, it does apply to a lot of companies (mainly in small towns). The access and/or exposure for these companies is lower so they don't think it matters much to anyone that their branding comes from a time before the iPhone was released. IT DOES though, because if I roll through a small town and see a profitable business with an established product, their branding may be the difference between me buying and moving along.

You may ask "Why would I spend the money on Rebranding, if I can just spend it on new products/material?". Well the short answer is that you could do that; but in the end you'd need to rebrand. The long answer is this: By spending the money on Rebranding you allow yourself a greater following or exposure to cliental you didn't have before. Branding is the sole reason some companies are able to sell to some customers. People who are on the edge about buying Nike sometimes buy Nike solely because the Icon "Swoosh" is recognizable and a trending global brand. You want to talk about what you could do for rebranding, send me a message!

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