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Design Fails of 2022

The world of design is ever changing and so are big brands minds when it comes to their Logos. Not only are we seeing some of the biggest companies in the world rebrand themselves, we are seeing them go in an entirely new direction in their marketing. This year there were a lot of companies who refreshed their brands and they ended up looking amazing! However, like every year before; there are some companies that rebranded and it came out looking like a train wreck. Here are some of the worst design fails of the year 2022:

KIA Motors

Kia didn't just rebrand, they tried to change the automotive industry with the entire look of their vehicles. While the look of the vehicles always changes, their branding is does not. However, after seeing this brand change; they may decide to go back to the drawing board. The issue isn't that the branding is terrible, it's that it could be confusing. Are they "KIA" or are they "KN"? Maybe their whole focus was to make it confusing and create a talking point, much like the Starbucks Barista putting the wrong name on your coffee even though they know exactly what you told them. If it's the ladder, then props for making us talk about your company Kia, but as a designer its a fail in my books.


Twitter didn't refresh their brand, they refreshed their owner. In fact they got bought by Elon Musk as I'm sure you and even your dog has heard by now. The issue with the brand is it is no longer a place to go to for news and updates from sports teams, news channels and other sources of up-to-the-minute facts. It has now become a cesspool for every Joe-blow having their opinion and citing their racist tweets as there is no filter anymore. Part of that is because Elon himself has reinstated much of his friends (who on average are 65+ old white men in power positions). This has hurt the brand and they say that Elon himself has lost money in 2022 and is no longer the worlds richest human being anymore.

Women's Network (Australia)

Okay this one may come out of left field, but left field is also where the designer was sleeping after they made this. I hope they weren't paid a huge amount of money for this because the Logo itself isn't that complex, but the fact they made a logo that looks like a male appendage for a Women's network is beyond weird. This designers sexual orientation may have something to do with it? I'm not really sure

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