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Influences Part II: Rob Janoff

To say that Rob Janoff has been an influence to many graphic designers, would be a huge understatement. Not only is Rob's work seen by billions of people, you may be using something with his personal touch added to it right now!

Rob is of course the designer who first introduced us to the Apple Logo. The bite (or byte) from the apple was placed into the logo to distinguish the Apple from being a Cherry. That sort o thinking may seem quite obvious to most, but take that bite back and you have a totally new design that won't be relevant to Steve Jobs' entire operation.

Rob's work includes projects for Kraft, IBM, SC Johnson, Kleenex, John Deere, CitiBank and many many more. To say he has been successful during his time as a graphic designer would also be quite the understatement. The beauty of design is that every person, designer and company sees value in different facets of the final copy. Whether it's that slight colour change or the way the type work also reflects the vision, graphic designer has a way of transforming opinions right off the hop. Rob's vision is very minimalistic and simple, but its a time old tradition in design that never loses it's impact. Rob has a way of bringing out some of the best feelings in design which is why the Apple logo or the work he has done with IBM are standouts among the design industry.

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